Has Anybody Seen This…. Missing In Action

There was a story that Team were going to release the Bond, Luiton and whoever knows what other name 318 as the Team MX-10 think It was. It was coming in January then sure was rumoured to be February and now when asking I am told there is no firm details on when or IF it will come to the market place?


The radio which has ebay sellers selling other versions and quote as PC Programmable. Has anyone seen the software at all? Seems to be as invisible as a V6 Lincoln II which also of course does not exist at all.

Seen a Team? Got the software? Let me know…

I think the word to the wise would be stick with Qixiang, they have saved your ass and Albrechts with a good FM/AM radio where as this one… I will not comment more. Holy water maybe needed, enough said…

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  1. typo I can not find anyone that does a power mic conversion I used it for 3 months and was getting good reports but the mic was getting iffy and I got the cre8900 as it has ssb


  2. I have the Luiton version I have tried every were to find program info and program lead but nothing it has the same connection as the cre but nothing any were but apart from that a good set the mic is crap but can find know on that does a power mic conversion


    • I’ve asked everywhere for the software including at the makers and there is never any reply even if it is available. Looks very Qixiang in style but in quality it’s not. Maybe one day we will find the software? Maybe not too I suppose 😚


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