Throwback Tuesday Albrecht Echo Master Plus

Something that I have not seen in a while, actually NEVER seen one of these mikes. Something from back in the day when decent microphones were made. And this one is called the ALBRECHT ECHO MASTER PLUS obviously from the Sadelta Catalan stable but how many of these were sold and where?


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Amazing as many years after the demise of Sadelta these mikes still fetch top $ and indeed at various times both NOS (New Old Stock) and second hand comes to market.

I think as a brand it is R.I.P and who knows maybe it comes back for an anniversary with a hand-mike or something like this, with a decent echo and keen elecret that powered out the audio. Astatic went down the MADE IN CHINA route as did RF LIMITED with the excellent CR-577. After asking many people around EU, Sadelta is gone but not forgot.

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