Konektor Tuned CRE8900 / Alinco DR 135DX

The CRE or Alinco, love or hate them they have sold well. Myself I never got on well with either as in my opinion the now old V3.1 software should have been changed to V6, errors cured with the lambada s-meter and some other niggles that I had. Channel change loose etc and some other odds and ends made it ok, not special


But I have seen a video now where the s-meter is tamed on SSB although seems still “active” on AM and some other improvements carried out by Konektor in Poland.


Above is the link to the article and there is translation software available to read all the updates that is possible.

Above is a link to hear the AM receive

And above is the SSB receive and it seems far removed from anything at all that I got on either of the radios. BUT I think now also that CRE and Alinco should talk to QX and ask them for updates now. Lincoln V3 channel change, new firmware as this is too old. Bring the radio back out wit some of the gremlins taken away.

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One thought on “Konektor Tuned CRE8900 / Alinco DR 135DX

  1. You are right about the niggles with this rig.I have one, and what you get for the price is very good and a great small multimode unit (sits on top of my SS3900). Okay, I got it on the Black Friday deal, almost free. But you can still get them for £126 delivered in the UK.


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