PMR Emergency Channel Initiative

My sincere thanks to Eric for the following information about PMR Radios in Spain, and the mountain channel. The initiative was decided to use channel 7 CTCSS 7 for those in the mountains that take PMR Radios with them to communicate. It is a clear and sensible guide that services would monitor this frequency also


As mountain climbing is indeed very popular all over the EU I think the idea to form a initiative to promote safety and also to carry a radio is indeed an excellent idea. The people behind this can be complimented on this excellent idea.

A PMR Mountain Emergency channel, great idea. Check above for more information on this excellent idea.

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  1. I think that the use of squelch tones for a emergency/security/distress channel is not a good idea. The communications must be open and clear for this kind of services.


  2. Thanks for the fast publish Simon, im translate the web for the non-spanish readers:

    The # Canal77 Initiative aims to increase the safety of all those active in the mountain carrying a small radio / walkie unlicensed you can buy in any supermarket or online.

    It has established a unique communication channel (Channel 7 and CTCSS 7), because if we use different channel, loses all sense.

    The initiative consists of three premises:

    1) Coordination within the same group mountain: In trekking permits communication between the first and last avoiding the first lot of the stragglers separated. If necessary you can contact for help first. In climbing, it allows communication between the first and second of the rope, avoiding possible confusion and accidents. Canyoning to determine when the rope is free.

    2) Get help from other mountaineers groups that are in the vicinity: If you need urgent help, to all be on the same channel can receive help from groups who are carrying out activities in the vicinity.

    3) Direct communication with rescue groups: In the event that we asked for help to rescue groups, they may contact us in their approach to place can further information and / or guide more precisely.

    The Civil Guard announced in ur brochure 146.175 Mhz frequency, but this is only possible if we use radio and license to operate this equipment. If so, the current equipment allows putting both frequencies, with the initiative # Further Canal77 as the latter is free to use without license (446.08125 MHz CTCSS 85.4).

    Best regards, Eric.


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