Uniden PC-787 AM CB £64.50

Yesterday an article appeared and then vanished, so now it is back again and we also added on a little more information for those people thinking of getting one of these from Amazon or ebay. On what can be seen a great price add on the shipping, duties and taxes it is a little bit more than meets the eye.


A nice looking radio and indeed something that I guess can never come to these shores of EU legally. The radio sadly does not conform with CE and can also be non ROHS (not confirmed) I know from those writing to me via the blog that many radios come to the EU via Amazon or Global Shipping on ebay where a final import duty is charged. I had a look and the duty on one of these is around £26 to the UK and shipping £23 so takes it past the £100 mark and remember, if caught with it then it is not conforming.

I heard the other week of two drivers stopped with Uniden 980 in or around Birmingham, and indeed the radios were confiscated. If you need a radio, silver and looks like the one above then guess we need wait and see if they come to the EU legally one day. Remember, no spares, no warranty and trouble with OFCOM if caught. So if out and about using these, be careful, don’t show them on videos. As some authorities around the EU are not sleeping and seem to be still looking.

The pirate in me says why not, got others in this series via Amazon. But this time I think best to sit and wait. PLUS a nice working AE6110 with FM/AM and super small for £50 is less trouble than this could be. But still looks much classier than a Midland M Zero


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  1. yes I like it and just am I will try and buy one all ways liked uniden radios but as you say the only place I can find them is bells in the states and if you have a good radio doctor it will get fixed and the no warranty is not that bad


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