New President On The Way Q2 2015

First of all there was the Harry followed by the Harry II and then when they were deleted many people in many countries was dismayed as the radio was always a cult one in some areas. Then along came the Henry to fill the void, now there is a new revised, dual voltage and new software Henry 12/24v coming in Q2 2015


Sometimes I am critical and say “No not another bloody AM/FM Radio, SSB legal and nothing new” But on this occasion am a little reserved as was a fan of the Harry II and the Henry works as well so am pleased to see it come to market with dual voltage. Sure a little late as most NEW trucks has dual voltage 12/24 but not all. So this radio I see as a good step. Nice to see a new, old friend come back face lifted.

Henry ASC Classic 12_24 V UK BD

Expect to see this sometime during the summertime.

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