Up and Coming Changes Or News

After what seems a long period of no news I’ve decided to share what I have been working on the last weeks, what news has landed to me here via email and indeed some of the comments or things that people believe to be the truth and what is coming to the market in the near future. Lincoln v4, AM in UK mode and Team MX-10
Apollo 1, CRT One, CRT Mike, Albrecht AE6110, Team MiniCom…. AM In UK Mode

Many people complained bitterly to me via the blog about the Team Minicom, CRT One, CRT Mike, Apollo 1 and Albrecht AE6110 not having AM in the UK mode. So, after some emails with Mr Qixiang and Andy Z these new norms will be adopted in the next series of these radios as and when they come to the market place. So wait down the line for changes to happen but they will happen when these radios will be changed to V2 or otherwise. There will be in the menu you press and will go UK40, EU AM, EU FM Obviously time scale I don’t know as depends on orders etc. But changes will be made am told.

So big thanks to Qixiang via email and Skype for agreeing to make the changes

And of course with CB there are always smart arses. Those who profess to know all and indeed know bugger all. The Albrecht, Team Mini, CRT One do not permit high power in legal mode. Firmware don’t allow it. So no 8w FM in UK legal mode (most engineers in UK) It does not work.. Not matter your smartness it don’t work.

President Lincoln II v4

We’ve all seen the joke v4 on a blog with a coffee maker and such. That’s the nearest you are going to get to it. There are no plans for a new version, the last will be the last if information received is correct. I’m not 100% as received an email this week from Shrewsbury in the UK telling me that he is waiting for his new V4 radio to be delivered. If that is true then watch this space as was promised the photos and the news about it. And in last days there have been 73 searches for Lincoln II v4 using the blogs search feature.


Also the search function of the blog has had many hits for Uniden Lincoln II. Interesting what is searched for?

President Lincoln III

Also searched many times on blog search engine is Lincoln III. Come on, honestly. This don’t exist. It’s a dream, an illusion.

Team MX-10

The Nanfone produced radio that looks like the Luiton, Canva, Bond 318 and around 10 other names seems not to be available still. Sources told April but the month has come and gone and nothing has happened. Is this a loss to the CB World? I think not really.


Anything new in SSB land?

Nothing at all been mentioned to me, no news, no radios, no leaks and nothing at all. So easy part to write.


The comp is not forgot and will be drawn soon. Due to post taking an age, some from UK via airmail 9 days and Denmark 17 days and Poland 12 days we left the box open for letters till the end of April. And in the next days the result will be here announced.

Another search term on blog widely searched is:

Where is President Grant II made

Design & Prototype Uniden Tokyo Japan

Manufacture: Vietnam

Back next month or back when there is something new to add here about the news and views on radios.

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