Thanks first of all to Andy Z who helped me with this radio as couldn’t find the way via keypad to activate some of the bands. But a few minutes, and then finish via software the radio opens and you have all the options needed. Like with the AT5555 when you tick a menu item, easy as that. Software makes it easier


From Aliexpress free shipping with China Post and remember you need to pay some import duties and this can delay the delivery a little too.

FM radio:  64-108MHZ, AM:118-135.99MHz(RX) , SW:2.3-21.85MHz(RX),  LW:0.52-1.71MHz(RX),

I have used air band so far and works really well with the delivered antenna. SW/LW tests will come with the right antenna attached. This is the radio from yesterday but it needed a little advice to unlock the menu which had all the options for receive on them. NO SSB receive before am asked, but a great start on the things it can do.

Above is the link to where you too can buy one, and below a small video. There will be another video when out and about and using it.

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