My Oh My.. Why Oh Why?

It is a golden letter day today as DHL have delivered the much awaited Team MX10 to the house and this radio as it is a 89.95 euro radio is now one of the leading new radios on the market and so we will need to sit down and take a real good look and a long hard stare and see what we can find to make you spend your cash


So we head off with the non important stuff first. On the box the radio shows 27.30000 and band EU. Mistake as the radio should read 27.30500 as ending in zero its Poland (PL) so not correct to show EU in my opinion

Want export mode: Bottom cover off, look at the jumpers which look like PC jumpers and take away the right hand side one as looking from the front panel. Disconnect radio from power, turn on radio to clear the memory and attach power and turn on with F and MEM pressed, change channel for the bands needed and when get there, switch off and on radio and you have what you want


Turn on with F and DW pressed and shows LO, NO, HI turn channel change to get what you want. Turn radio off and on, seems to be it. All that is needed.

The radio is put together, I am not going to say either well or badly. It is just assembled. Some controls are stiff, well sited and ok while one or two wobble, seeming to give the feel of being not so well secured. Size is good, AM audio is Good but the FM for me seems not so good, maybe it is set a little too high on deviation?

Time will tell on this radio. I see on the conformity certificate it shows Bond Telecom, they are the trading house behind Luiton but the maker is sure Nanfone. Check in Russia, Indonesia. Poland as they are associated with rubbish stuff. Not a good sign to be associated with maybe?

Tests over the weekend will show what we have here and will be wrote about here or  showed on you tube. The fight for the CB market has another radio. Time will show how it is received and liked, or not.

Let the test and the bun fights begin

A Russian look at a previous radio:

Also maybe

I expect too much

Want too much for a price that is not reasonable

Expect Quality and cannot see why better cannot be done for $39 (estimated factory cost)

Expect fine claret and get no brand wine in a glass instead

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