Stabo 934MHz CB Radio

Well there is a lot of talk of more people now listening to 934MHz. Dusting off the mast head pre-amps and getting those yagi antennas up and hope to hear something during the summer. I will add to that from June 20th I will have a station standing by on Channel 7: 934.1625MHz to note down anyone who has been heard calling


The monitoring station will be a Stabo and the antenna either vertical or horizontal. There is a website dedicated to 934MHz listening and also a Facebook group. To find more information then check the site at

Or if you have equipment you need for reception, or want to sell it also contact the website. Maybe someone is interested in it?

934 Mhz list 4-2015

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One thought on “Stabo 934MHz CB Radio

  1. yes this could be fun a nice set and a beam I have just bought a beam from a dealer in Slovakia for pmr and 70cm it has a 7.6dbi gain and will run it at 100w it takes up to 200w the antenna mini beam is just £24.99 gbp and that includes postage just have to by a good radio like 70cm with 6.25 shift now see Markus has some very good ones then still looking for a 934 MHz like very rare like rocking horse shit but have a great bank holls all the best


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