Black Box CB With No Controls

Most of the CB world has seen the Apollo1, CRT Mike, President WIlliam and Stryker 89MC with the controls in the head. Well here in “Wizard Radio” we’ve been looking even further into the future. A CB radio, no controls and can be controlled via DECT wireless technology. It’s here and can be used, just add dreamers.

Having researched and chatted with people in Asia there is the technology available and inclusion is within certain guidelines for cost. As we know cost is the key to all this. Technology is there to make a “smart CB” with external app to be controlled via tablet, smartphone etc.  Availability of components can also make the radio connect via Internet for software updates, end the revisions of firmware radios as when something new comes along you update your radio like with PC and smart phones. Technology is here today.

More ideas are being evaluated and ever more exciting things can come. Like with all it needs the people who design and resell to see the future. The 2000’s have shown us that those who sit still loose.

Radios which have menu modes inside them, wifi adapters are just a few $ in raw state, firmware costs of course and implementation into the product.  But in quantity and more than one reseller it drops.

Cordless Display: We have seen with Uniden they made a cordless mike based on DECT technology. Use this same technology to have a cordless fronted display. 100m range like with Liberty and control volume, channel, mode, Echo and transmit. A head like William, Apollo and controlled wireless. Hide radio away and forget it. 

I know people are looking into it, no EU companies at the moment but it is being researched. I know via email and Skype. 

The next 10 years will be a key time in the world of CB radio, 10m radios like 5555n, 5555, Grants and Lincolns, Albrechts & Midlands. These years we have the technologies in our hands, and we have the engineers, the thinkers and the dreamers to make these things a reality. Budget AM and FM radios will also change in many ways, the bases will remain the same. To make a fresh from the bottom up radio the costs are high, designers, programmers and prototype radios are not cheap. Where they fail is in the Far East China they cannot be tested as not allowed antennas. So we need again “circle of wise men” who are trusted to check and offer opinions. €3 million of equipment to test SINAD and power cannot show in air how something behaves. Fortunately now some companies are wise for this, not inside EU but outside. This will also raise the standard. Small price to pay for improved ideas, tests and technology.

And I think the number of remakers will decrease as there is a need for less manufacture now. Maybe we see some of the more well known factories change and become mega factories for more than one maker. The market is small, no matter how we want to think otherwise. Mark my words, things will change.  Even in Asia where people think everything is cheap and in some cases yes it the price is still excellent there is a well known phrase “your price my quality” and “our price your quality” Of this there is no doubt at all. We know some factories have issues in Asia at the moment. I know of 3 with either staff, QC or government issues. No names as not needed to say. But you can search and see. It’s easy to see and understand.

It’s all in our hands now.

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4 thoughts on “Black Box CB With No Controls

  1. That’s a great idea and I also believe, as you said, with today’s technology, possible to implement.

    I would also like to see a PC remote controlled PMR446 radio, but the way I see it, the market for something like this is very small.


    • Sadly all ideas cost money. And that is the key to it all. You can today connect the radio to PC for eqso and other stuff like transmit via the web. But a 446mhz with PC controls I think the technology is out there, however if we are both honest small market send high research costs would make it hard to complete I suppose.


  2. Hi Simon,
    As we all know, with today’s technology and new developments in the future everything is possible.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on the blog!


    • Hi Bert, Your kind to write. Yes just by looking around and speaking to some people it’s interesting what is now available to be used. Sure some things will never be done, cost, time, research and more. But there are some that could be just a few years away.

      Could be exciting times ahead
      Best Wishes


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