Yaesu FT-991 With “Yaesu” On Screen **Updated**

Here is one for the smart ones, the owners of the FT-991. If you have any ideas then feel free to send a message and let me know if you have experienced this or know someone who has. It appears maybe to be firmware related but when you have an idea then feel free to comment or write directly.

Radio from the box and switched on, all fine and well and receiving across the bands. Clear, sharp, sounds excellent and nothing appears to be wrong at all.

Programmed some mike EQ parameters into the radio, change the PROC to 8 and some menus in the settings to correspond with the numbers from the supplied list of changes.

All ok.

But then it started to go bad. The VFO got slow on change, then the F button and the Menu button didn’t work, or just beeped and did not respond. Then a DOS like command came from the top left of screen and went around 1/4 way down the page followed by a string like *##ERROR Vertex 1.03##* or similar and the the screen changed to the start up logo of Yaesu. And that is that!

Reset the radio by switch on with Fast/Lock and remains the same.

The buttons to the right of the screen do not respond. The TX works, A/B buttons, the clarifier, volume all ok. Just display and buttons around it have decided to stop working.

So 991 owners any ideas? Have you had the same or know someone who did. Then please let me know.

A) Emailed Yaesu and asked for an opinion

B) Dealer has kindly asked for advice at the importer

Now we wait and see what happens next. So maybe you see not only CB or other things have troubles with firmware. If it is firmware at fault here…. I don’t know that’s why ask advice from the radio world.

*** Update ***

We try make an update from the Yaesu website and see how that works, maybe can be indeed the answer. Thanks to Markus and WIMO for spending time to help with the advice.

*** Update II ***

Re flashed the firmware and also the DSP software as it says on the website and still the same situation. So sure now it is indeed R.I.P.


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