V3 Lincoln II Islands Festival 2015

One of the biggest troubles for me was always the receive of the Lincoln II at my home. Always S5 noise on SSB, AM and FM. But always in the car, the receive was superb. This radio just returned from President after a power set error was resolved. It is an early, early V3 and now mobile it receives as well as the TS480SAT


This radio I used most of 2014 from islands and it seemed to get tired, not sure how but power internally was an issue and so it went to President Balaruc to be checked out. This was done and now it has returned it is better, stronger, issue resolved and boy can it receive. In the mobile today, antenna was President ML145 as a children festival stopped any other antennas being used on the island and where there was voices they were clear, non robotic sound, sharp and well balanced and where the frequency was clear the s-meter never moved.

Haters will always hate but the radio worked today well and I mean WELL beyond how it did before it was sent away. I have here now 3 version 3 thanks Markus and 1 version 2 and 1 version 1 and now the V2 that was in my eyes the best has been eclipsed. We have seen those review the radio initial v1 and talk of its greatness only to get it fixed as soon as possible.

My house the radio is done for, noise S5 all modes.. THIS IS A QIXIANG THING, do not cry at President as here now today I have AT5555n, CRT 6900N, AT6666, AT5555, CRE 8900 and Lincoln II and ALL have this self same issue. People shout loud and moan about President, sure it is CB1 and that is that. But nobody moaned about V4 AT5555 they sold it and got new. The simple no bullshit fact is the Lincoln II in my car works as well on receive as TS480SAT and IC718. Nothing really different to say.

People who don’t own one still comment. Your comments mean nothing. Just as you do not own, you have no right to moan. Various people have shown how well the radio works, for me I have two old style original Lincolns and a broken one (needs a service? Anybody can offer?) AND it is better than the original. I used President stuff since 8 years old, did chores to earn cash to get another one as years went onwards. I think the following: Grant II could have been better, 12w export is joking to export mode men. V3 Lincoln in the houses of many it gets noise, many it does not. For me it is not ok at home, signal drops below S5 am done. IN the car, straight radio power have worked the world.

Summing up: If something is bad then I say it. President did not like me many and I mean many years because am straight no punches man. If something is junk then people deserve to know it. V1 was poor, less than poor. V2 they fixed errors in a heartbeat. Skilled engineers in France, Germany solved it. V3 those who have it know it works well. It is NOT the same as the original. I looked up my log, spoke to 66 countries in 2014 on 27/26mhz with radio, no amp and mobile antenna. Asia to West Indies and South America to Africa. Works for me. So do not see why people still hate when they don’t try.

Watch the video you hear someone say QSY 27.747 and only voice, no signal at all. So do you see my meaning? And this has poor receive? Also 26RD001 with low signal but listen to the sound, sounds superb

I call it BALARUC Version 3 due to the fact it returned from there this week after power issue solved. Works top class, THANK YOU all involved. If it was another radio I’m not sure it would be fixed so easily, I owned many a 5555 with errors and not any single company wanted to help. Just advised buy the new revision.

Sure can be expensive radio and Qixiang inside so sometimes not as expected. But difference is “warranty” you pay for a warranty with the radio and President honour there’s. No piss off story, they collect, they fix, and then deliver it back. That’s the key, when something is wrong there is no need sell it for a loss on eBay, you can ask for it to be fixed and then carry on again using it.

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  1. You say the Lincoln II is wonderful, but how many times and how many of them have you sent back for repair? Sure, *some* of the Anytones may have a similar problem, but they are half the price. Buy a Trabant, pay peanuts, expect problems. Buy a RR, pay hundreds of thousands, expect perfection.

    What we have here, is people have bought a RR and been given a Trabant and they’re not happy about that.


    • Listen to the receive and it is quiet? That is true. You can hear it. How many? I have a v1 and a v2 and 3 v3 here. Of that the V2 has been modified from the original specification and 2xv3 were looked at. Sure pay peanuts get monkeys. That’s true absolutely.

      But when the AT5555 v3 was released there was issues and not any updates were around for it. Then v3.1 came along and had errors, people said and complained but rushed to buy v4 which had on some models when turn ASC on the signal meter stopped working. People again did not really cry a lot, then v5 came along and was much better and now finally v6 which is also better.

      This took Qixiang maybe 4/5 years to complete life cycle and get it somewhere decent. President took less than 6 months from original release to where it is now.

      Fact is, all Qixiang at my home have noise, varies from radio to radio but is from S3 on a good day to S7 on a bad day. This is from at6666, at5555, at5555n, cre8900, alinco, k-po, president and all. I can use not any single one at the house. All are pretty much not usable due to noise. But in the car the receive is quiet and it can hear well. I’m on an island surrounded by fairground rides, people and in the centre of the city. I can hear someone with S0 and with quiet receive that’s the purpose of the video.

      Are any radios these days WOW unless you invest into ham hear? Not really they are made for a price, whether $60-$130 and that’s that.

      For me the radio sounded well, received well. The video shows what I heard and I think it is good. Sure it is a Mercedes price radio but not a trabant in return, maybe an VW or Audi.


    • Or to put it simpler

      I had v3, v3.1, v4, v5 and v6 radios and none could be updated and stuck with all errors. Warranty not worth anything at all

      President had a bad radio in v1 and solved some of it with v2 and now v3 on the scene. Warranty they stood by, took abuse from operators and fixed issues for them, collected radios, delivered them back via courier.

      Not anybody took responsibility for this with the v3, v3.1, v4 and others with issues. From the Hannover 9000 pre v3 upwards.


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