Densei EC-2002 Konektor5000 “Results”

It as been some weeks now since the mike arrived here and sadly now only real long time to use them, hear what people say and finally form an opinion based on how it works for me on different radios and settings etc. So the words below are based on how it worked for me, which radio I used for the reports that I was given


The writing here is about the version of the mike that does draw its power from the radio using a 9v battery like normal to drive the mike. The board of the radio is based on DM-452 which we all know from many years as being a good echo mike.

To look at the mike and even with the cover off you cannot see the work which has been carried out but actually all I did was turn the mike volume a small amount + and boy did the mike have some audio. I have used it so far on a Grant II, Lincoln II and a TS-480SAT and the results have been superb. The audio is clean, sharp and not dull and thick on all modes. There is more treble and higher notes which on FM is useful as drives the audio nicer. Kenwood on SSB the results were excellent, comments included sounds like in the room, crystal clear and strong to sounds like some EQ system with the audio.

There are always some secrets around audio. Olaf Grundmann makes magic from MH31 mikes, Kucha Hans makes magic with Anytone mikes and now Konektor5000 I am sure have a gem here. The tests will continue and hope to get some reports on film. WELL worth investment in audio. Congratulations to them. Top Class..

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