Roadking RK5640 CB With USB 2.1

Not exactly a new name on the block, this radio is 40 channels AM and comes with a noise cancelling mike but where the kicker or the interesting point for me is the USB connection on the front which can charge telephones for example

– The Original RoadKing(R)

– C4 The Perfect Match Crystal Clear Communication

– Front Panel 2.1 Amp USB Port to Use and Charge Your Portable Devices

– Noise-Canceling Classic RK56 CB Microphone with Chrome Grill
– Backlit Control Knobs with Two Settings

– SWR Calibration is Set to the Perfect Match

– RF Gain Reduce Sensitivity to Distant Noise and Signals that are too Weak

– Squelch Control Eliminates Background Noise

– Front Panel 4-Pin CB Microphone Connector

– Antenna Warning Indicator Alerts of a Problem with the Antenna System

$150 plus shipping and import taxes, but like the USB idea, nice idea indeed.

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