RadioZing Sale!! President Grant II £176 + Many Other Offers

Yes it summer time so people spend too much time in the sun and come up with all sorts of madness. RadioZing has it this weekend with some great offers.  CRE8900 for under £120, AT6666 £130.50 and the AT5555 for £118 and some other serious contenders for great prices. Take a look at the link after the break. Look before his medicine is returned

This hobby there is always people moaning, sniping and back talking about dealers, offers, prices and the like. If some of the other retailers were not so greedy and resellers of stuff cut some of there margin then more people would come into the hobby as radios would be more acceptably priced?

 Many people think it but never write it as will loose there friendships with some dealers. 

Based on today’s prices at Zing.

AE6110 Albrecht (with an s-meter) which is a really decent radio and works well. Antenna Sirio 3000 with magnet and all on the air for under £100 and that’s with a decent radio and an antenna. £47 for the radio and £49.50 the antenna

Don’t take long, think these will pass over quite quickly. Remember time limited offer….

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