President Harry III, Henry Classic Both 12v/24v Comes Soon

A long time ago we featured here some radios that showed they were also coming in 12/24v and since then nothing at all. Nothing on the radar from Markus and other dealers well a small look into the 2015 catalogue shows the Johnson II, Harry III and Henry Classic also with the “12/24v” logo on them so sure they come out?



Johnson II 12/24v is now on the market, and indeed featured long time ago on my you tube channel.


People see this blog as a shop window, so ask me what and when something comes. Sometimes I know and sometimes I have no ideas at all. And this was the case with these radios. (No idea at all)

Check your dealer. I am told simply comes soon. Prices I don’t know, ask at a dealer please.

In future please check: as radios will be featured there first and before they are at the dealers. And remember in the download area sometimes the new manuals are there so you can see what the new radio can do.

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