A Future President? I think YES They Can. Part 3/3

“Connectivity, Engineering, Responsibility” As it is not much to add “here” about this radio as seems to be well covered in the initial 2 parts. And it was also nice to see it has been viewed in Japan and Vietnam. For such a small blog it is nice to see that it was looked at, even if it was a Google search or another. The people that make it saw it, that’s the most important of all

Other things that I’d do with this one? Add a decent final inside it, not to make it high power as such, but there are engineers out there in every bedroom or radio room that like to twiddle as there radio “wasn’t set up right at the factory for me” so give them some tolerance in the final, and exclude it from warranty so that’s all nice and simple. Updatable to new norms via the mike socket, I’d add this to make it future proof. Not all people can afford a new radio all the time. And a good working one is a keeping one as we know.


Multi-Norm All the new norms with AM in UK mode


All usual suspects: Mike Gain, RF Gain, Variable Power, Liberty Compatible*, CTCSS for gateways, updatable via the mike socket, export mode hidden as usual

Liberty* I’ve ideas how to change this..

And yes I’ve not forgot the USA either.  The same radio to look at, but with this only AM transmit and add of course the weather channels as this is indeed very important in the market place. And name for the USA would need to be something like Uniden Bearcat SJ990 or something like this.  As FM wouldn’t be needed on any USA unit then it would be best to add a fair amount of swing, let’s say low carrier and 90% audio driving 12-15w AM. Small enough to add anywhere, and big enough on audio. That’s the key here too! Needs to be big on audio.

Thanks to those who’ve read the different ideas here since end of 2014, all the radios I’d change have been viewed more than 12.000 times. That is itself remarkable as nothing real, just pub talk and chatter. We will be back with another favorite as an idea before Christmas and then take a pause for a while with these ideas.

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