Is This Uniden Related to an Oricom and Yosan/Nextron?

While checking some parts on the Yosan it became apparent that this small radio has some associated parts with the Uniden UH770 which is a UHF radio in Australia. Sure looks a little different, but the display shares the same ideas and indeed internals look a little the same. NOT THE SAME, just look a little too much look a like.


Sure differences are easy to see, speaker on the top, more buttons etc but looks to me to be part of a family. Plus Nextron produce a UHF radio. Add this to the Oricom UHF300 for Australia and I think we have the same radio different frequency.


And all have the same FLIP display feature. So I think that we have the Nextron (makers) relations in the Uniden and Oricom..


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6 thoughts on “Is This Uniden Related to an Oricom and Yosan/Nextron?

  1. Right, so, we’re talking around £100. Isn’t the Yosan about half that price. BTW, there is a s/h Lincoln II for sale on a UK forum, hamradiodeals. The seller wants £110 for it, but would probably rip your arm off for £100 by Paypal gift. Nobody is rushing to buy it. The point is, when are manufacturers going to realise, we won’t pay over the top for Far Eastern made junk, especially when they sell it under their own name, for half the price. Sure, make a Lincoln I in your own factory and charge a premium. Ask a Chinaman to make it and stick a President (or other brand) sticker on it, and then charge double the market rate, just doesn’t work.


  2. Oh my, another brand name using a Chinky manufacturer, to produce virtually the same radio as others, but sticking their own ‘special’ price tag on it. Is it the same price as the Yosan, or twice as expensive?


  3. a very nice radio for the modern cars it would be nice to have a cb freq on uhf and some very good antennas but when will it happen get away from the chan huggers on 19, yes the same radio diff internals


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