Albrecht AE-6110 Full Open Export Funklaedle Edition Mod.

Each day recently there is news about the AE-6110 or the Anytone Smart. People making them export and EU switchable, 20 watts and more modifications and now overnight i got news about another place selling them and this is the “Full Open Export Modified Funklaedle Edition of the radio.


This edition which appears to have been tuned and modified to export mode, 8 w power which we know is a key press routine and comes for sale at 63 euros or £46 or $71 and appears at the moment with shipping across all the EU via DHL Packet International for 17 euro. At the moment i have found it on ebay with the item number:121737361555

So each and everyday we have news about this little radio with the big heart. I have a few of them, mostly in EU mode but have one as we speak at the moment on the desk as the noise on FM/AM is low and soon it is talk across EU via repeaters time and so need to be on the case and on the air with these small radios.
I am very interested to see how Qixiang will out do this small radio. It caused some surprises when it was first released and appears to be continuing that trend even now after sometime has passed.
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