President Grant II “Premium”

There was talk about it and I did not believe it and then a dealer let it slip matter of days ago and now it seems to be reality. But I’ve waited to be a little more convinced before sharing it here.

There is a new Grant II coming to market which will feature a heatsink so it can handle better heat (previous one did not have it and some complained in some conditions it got hot) and also comes with a new and revised firmware am told which eliminates the mike keying issue.
What else do we really know that is not hearsay or indeed email say? We know it has a black heatsink and we know also that it has new software and indeed some PCB changes according to information received. Can it have extras hidden which needed a heatsink it is in the air, cannot comment on something that is sure not known conclusive. It also  seems we welcome a new area of President called “Premium” which in itself seems different to the old days. Sure add something to name, add a heatsink and sure other goodies there will be a price rise I guess?
Now the worse case scenario happens and that is we must wait, and like all things this is the hardest thing to do.

But can it be that the customers were indeed listened too and understood? The fact that there is more than meets the eye am told has to be good for the end user and DX’er a like. Many expected Grant II to be like the Grant 1 with power etc, but times change and so does technology and radios. Plus the first President Grant was 3 band after all.


Maybe will look like the above Jackson II from behind? Photo:(c)
Time frame not known but “Markus am waiting!”

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