Dull Audio? Quick Change Helps?

Ralf from the President / Qixiang on Facebook has come up with an excellent idea which I will feature here and sure many can try as really it takes a matter of minutes. So down below is a photo from a Stabo electret Mike, this one is mine but any President or Stabo 6 pin electret Mike will work (I guess)

Many of you will know Ralf as DO7RU and can be found mobile often near Duisburg with the Lincoln II v3 from the mobile.

 And so the idea is to simply relocate the capsual to behind the grill of the Mike and attach it there with glu or epoxy. You can see the round hole where it is now sitting, so gently prise it out and relocate it. As there is more space there the audio becomes better. Myself I changed the element from the original down and dirty one for the Panasonic WB61A from eBay. Now the Mike has more depth to the audio, a little more treble than before but the SSB driven audio is sharper and sounds more full than before. Like some of the W2ENY kits for the MH31 it really seems to make a nice difference on my own Lincoln II.

I will try some before and after videos when have some time and post them here.

Often people say President is dark on FM and light and strong AM audio. Well to get the balance is difficult, have strong FM then the AM suffers and as the market in AM countries is more then the AM gets most attention. 

Congratulations to Ralf, and wait more videos when there is time. Maybe an idea for some to try, even simply relocate the element and if not liked then simple to return it back to its original place.

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