President Grant II Premium Emails Answered Here

Already the email is hot with questions. So all I can tell you is the following. Accept this article as a reply to the emails, there are quite a few and so please accept the non reply, but the answers are here some of them.

For the UK people. The same as before there is AM/SSB in the UK format.

AM Audio is excellent, there is some “swing there” compared to the last version

AM Receive sounds real nice too.

FM audio is darker like always, but compared to the “other Grant II” it’s better sounding

The so called “fake mike keyer” I had this radio switched on 1 hour and didn’t suffer from it once.

The push buttons seem to respond better and feel firmer (not known if changed or not)

SSB audio is sounding nice, on the whistle around 11w so within the norms.

ASC opens and closes nicely. Seems also a little different

Liberty Mike & Vox Mike works perfectly, no troubles at all.

Check with the dealers on the timeframe. Nearer to France you get them quicker than Russia etc.

There is no external signal meter socket, only speaker and VOX Mike 

MuRata filter is inside sure and labelled on the box.

That’s all I have tried now. More will follow in the next 7-10 days when have more time free.

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