President Walker Chrome & Jackson II Chrome **Out Now **

Seems almost over 30 years that President had a silver or Chrome fronted radio. Was in the days I had dark hair. But this aside and I’ve not seen one, just I’ve heard that they are now available for those who want the latest version of the radios with the chrome/silver color on the outside of the radio.

 These two do not have muRata filters inside so my information is, maybe it comes later? But they are in limited supply so I am told. So the usual sentence “Markus one of each please” as loved the silver fronted ones and sure Uniden have kept making them in the time President slept on the idea so they must be tougher than the past in build. Just as sure as President returns to the USA market in 2016 let us hope that these radios will be the start of the return of this color. As sure as the USA is the home of CB President needs to have chrome / silver in the family of radios. Simple & As easy as that!!

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