European Day of the QSO 27.09.2015

So yesterday was the European Day of the QSO as organized by CB Funk Austria. For me almost all the day was silent on the CEPT bands. Only locals on 37 USB the ones who in the summer told me they owned it so nothing interesting at all. But seems many were out and about and made some good contacts too.

There were people out and about on hand held radios in the mountains including Atlantis who made a 120km contact with his Zodiac P-2040

There was another station who installed a Boomerang on top of the mountain

As you see from the photos this seemed an excellent event, and in my case shows need to be in a better location to enjoy the fun really and not so low down as 140m ASL like I am in Budapest

Congratulations to everyone who made the effort to get on the air. Seems you were well rewarded with excellent contacts although cold, windy, grey operating conditions.

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