500,000 Hits In 2015 Competition? Anyone

Since January 1st 2015 the blog has received 500,000 hits which is a massive increase since its inception in 2013. The idea behind the blog was simple, to have new stuff, advertise people who make or modify stuff and to be a stop for the makers, resellers of equipment for our hobby. All targets completed now.

So as the title states a competition.  This time we will do something small as there are bigger events on the horizon where something special maybe used.

You can win:

Albrecht AE-6110 (Sent in Export or Multi-EU Norm) You decide and write on postcard

Send a postcard to the address: Simon, PF-446, Budapest H1242, Hungary

Closing date is 01-01-16 when the radio will be sent. I need name, address and that’s it.

If any dealer or reseller has a spare radio to giveaway then let me know and maybe we can add that to the blog to celebrate the next milestone in the history of the blog.

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