Anytone Smart $90 In USA Now

So the news simply does not stop today. This time for friends in the USA the Anytone Smart is available in the USA now. Of course you can check the modifications page here on the blog for what it can do and it appears that the seller is in Maryland and has the radio in stock now.

Most of the world knows the radio and its abilities, locked to 28000-29700 AM/FM or as a multi EU radio or indeed as an export mode radio with 25.6-30.1 under the hood with 8w power and 4w as the low power option.

The eBay link is here: 252122611130

If comes supplied 28000-29700 then open OP2 this allows 25.6-30.1 AM/FM and if want a standard EU radio like Albrecht AE-6110 then open both OP1/OP2. High and Low Power with H on screen does not work in standard EU configuration remember.

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