2016 Could Be Not Much To Wait For

After email exchanges, Skype chats and generally being nosey it seems that 2016 could be a year of the slowdown in radios. Most of the manufacturers at this time are in standby, looking what can be the next big ticket item on the CB scene. Some maybe have it right, while others stare opened mouthed into the future.

Budget radios were the “in thing” this year. 20w radio for €53 which make people think this can be the norm going forward and obviously it cannot be. In China now the talk is linking CB radios to apps from AppStore and Google Play, but takes time as need specialist programmers for this. Bluetooth is the cheapest it has ever been according to one supply chain company in Hong Kong so maybe that is the way.

Dealers like FB Radio in Sweden and others want detachable head SSB radios, small to fit anywhere but made with style and quality. But seems a dream, others want PC controllable CB radios, use it like SDR. Adjustable bandwidth in CB radio (illegal) DSP in an 11m radio where the cost of the DSP will be the same as the radio itself.

2015 we’ve been lucky, more good stuff than rubbish came to market but when it was bad it was ever so bad. President released Chrome radios. Thought that was long gone!

Christmas Time Will come soon but will anyone have anything to announce. In the past I would be sure something will pop up but now not so sure. But for those that follow the blog I’ve asked in Korea, Japan, China, France, Holland, Brazil, Spain all the same and seems not much to nothing comes. But if it does the blog is ready to showcase it. They’ve all got my email address, let’s see if anybody has anything to showcase.

But just yesterday I’ve seen a new radio. It’s not produced now! Is it worth the wait! Yes it is!  To sum it up in easy context: wooooo hooooo Hurry Up!!

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4 thoughts on “2016 Could Be Not Much To Wait For

  1. Not sure but who would invest on it. Maybe all we need it just one maker to go this way and others may follow….Nice to know you are working a a new mobile version of the site.


    • Yes I think can be. Qixiang would be first as these days they’ve many ideas it seems and can work in weeks and months, not years like some. Micro USB to PC then key button into update and to site and download away you go! Not hard. Just needs desire and inspiration. It’s the smart way but will anybody do it that’s the thing


  2. Hi Simon,
    CB radios with WIFI or Ethernet interfaces ,that connect to the internet form remote control or firmware upgrade would also be a nice thing to have.

    Rui Delgado


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