President Henry Classic 12/24v *New Video Added*

Sometimes it is best to shows ones age. Easy to use, top quality AM/FM radio without 3 colour display, 20 roger bleeps, programmable egg timer and have something that is familiar, like an old pair of slippers for example. And now the old Harry II faced Henry Classic 12/24v has come super charged with new board, new details and build.


Our friends in Poland have asked about this radio with me for months now. It is old school looking, multi EU norm AM/FM with EU, PL, D, EC, IN and U banding (UK gets FM in normal and CEPT Configuration) but who cares about that really. Change the band to EU and AM opens up a new horizon for you.

As this video also seems not OK, i will delete and re record a new one in next days

Small, Uniden Vietnam Made and not Qixiang. Recently a lot of BS that all Presidents are now Qixiang or how do they call them “Anyclones” so to dispel ill-guided logic, Uniden. Designed in Japan Tokyo since the 1970’s and built Vietnam.

Export you know it, a, b, c but why loose a good guarantee so not worth it at all.

Electret Mike, fitted cable for power and the manual in English, Spanish, French and Polish


The original 12v Henry was excellent, AM and FM audio was killer. Add a CR577 RF Limited mike for AM and it rocked. Nothing fancy radio, fit in the car and it will provide years of service. Sure it is expensive, you don’t get nothing for nothing. 146 euro in Germany, at a car supply store. So keep an eye out for these radios. Am sure they will sell well. It is no frills, no trashy bleeps, no trashy echo, small sized, good featured AM/FM radio that kicks ass on AM. Not much more to ask for?

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