This Weekend Uniden 980 On Air

This weekend you will conditions permitting find the wizard on the air running the Uniden 980 SSB. This is a 40 channel AM/SSB 4w/12w radio that is available in EU on the grey side. It is ROHS but not CE approved but works so well. It’s a real Uniden, no frills, no gimmicks and working super well radio.

Personally I love the display, the talkback facility and the fact that the receive sufferers no white noise, coughs, farts and whistles like some others do. I don’t recommend you to buy one as not legal. It’s my choice after ever so long time to use one again. Comes with an adapter from the 6pin to 4pin so you can use the old style four pin mikes. I’ll be around 385LSB during the weekend. And maybe a listen to the bowl also.

I know some use them in the UK and Poland too but not in large quantities. But sometimes we all need to head back to the roofs of the hobby, AM/SSB were the start and need not be forgotten.

Photo: (c) The very excellent

And if yours makes the terrible beeping noise and your brave, the modification to stop it is below

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  1. wish they made it in FM mode… useless for most of the europe /mostly in poland/ in AM.. rest of us use FM…


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