Superstar 3900 With UK 40 Board £199.99

Simon from Radiozing (Again he isn’t me, try and understand it) has another offer to hit the streets soon and it has to be one of the best ideas yet. Classic 6 band radio with uk40 board inside it like back in the day. I’ll let him tell all about it (from Facebook) the information below the photo

And once more for the hard of understanding. I’m not Radiozing, I’m not in the CB business, I don’t work for any CB related business (nobody wants me) Simon Mr Zing is in the UK where as myself, Simon The Wizard is not inside the UK. It’s really easy to understand if you sit and think about it.

So, Mr Zing take the floor please:

Radiozing update:

Some people believe the older radios are better – especially for receive noise – and especially in todays ever increasing unwanted noise caused from power supplys, power line technology etc.  
So, we have the Ranger Superstar 3900 coming in – based on the classic Cobra 148 GTLDX and we will be selling it factory standard at £148.99 including UK delivery, and we are also going to sell it modified 6 band plus UK40 board fitted and tuned at £199.99 including mainland UK delivery.
We are taking orders for both now – as only limited quantities coming in so pre-order now otherwise you may miss out. 
If you call our sales staff and mention the word “copycat” at time of ordering, we will give you an extra five percent discount !
Call us on 0203 137 2761 email:
Ps, it is worth trying to again clarify that my namesake “Simon the Wizard” does not work for us and is not linked to us in anyway and we do not write his blog – there is no link other than we share the same interest in the radio communications. 
We are Radiozing
We are not: Simonthewizard
Offer was mentioned on Facebook 

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6 thoughts on “Superstar 3900 With UK 40 Board £199.99

  1. i understand that these radios have the SWR pull switch to activate export mode , is the uk40 via this control? if it is, this is the radio i have been waiting for !


    • The earlier CRT versions did, not sure about this one. Whether badged up Dirland, CRT or “Ranger” though they are all Ranger boards. This is likely to be one of the later EPT360015, which is the same as in the CRT 3900N with blue channel displays.


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