President Virginia Record Contact? 2,037km or 1266 miles

Visiting a friend with the Virginia in hand and decided to show how it was and what it could hear. As the location has a tin roof there is no magnetic point so put a biscuit tin beneath it and dropped it out from the window onto the sloped roof. Connected it in antenna socket 2 on the friends 480SAT, 50w,  ATU on and gave a call. And he replied


It was on 26Mhz so was quiet i admit but the antenna made the trip and the contact was made. True was low signal, true if much noise it would have wiped it out. All noted points but on a biscuit tin thrown from the window it made the trip to Limerick, which is 2037km or 1266 miles.

It was on video too so the station could see it. Radio does not get better than that..


Antenna is 490mm long which is 49cm which is 19.3 inches. It is of course outside of band also and that is why needed the ATU, but why not. Well done Marc and his team for the ass kicking antenna.

Gauntlet is down, send me your videos of your Virginia, any mode anywhere and let us see how it goes. Antenna with GPS was located 140m ASL but to antenna was a little lower of course as on the slope of the roof

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