Jon @rigsearch Gets The Beautiful 787

News in from Jon @rigsearch on Twitter via the BBM that while he is in the USA he has collected the most lovely Uniden 787 and will feature it on his YouTube page rigsearch so in the next weeks take a look and see how he gets on with it and how well it works.

We know that this radio works with the USA version of Liberty. It’s looks are excellent, the big s-meter is quite dominant on the front and it seems to have the same chrome effect controls as the Jackson II for example. The new design channel display digits with the more rounded effect make it look modern, while at the same time the styling is old school.

So check out: rigsearch on YouTube and @rigsearch in the future weeks and see how it works for him.

We are looking out now for any prospective EU dealer and will let you know if and when we find one (But remember this is not CE approved but could be ROHS as it is from Uniden)

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