November Peak! Time Has Come..

Well it’s happening and will happen in November. The blog team have compiled a video list of stations that show old Uniden is better than new Uniden. And in November we publish the open letter to them! 

We’ve been told it is location based, plasma tv or led tv based and many other reasons. Final straw is when the Uniden 980SSB receives 100% better than a Grant Premium on SSB. No noise against S5 on AM where the Grant has Murata inside. SSB no noise when Grant is S3. So we will publish here the open “letter” and see if they have decency to answer, also same time we will email it to various Uniden people in the USA and Asia. So, let us see if a 50 year old company will tell us what has happened, and why there crown as King of radios have slipped. The time has come, 11 months of emails to a dedicated blog address and 1/4 of the 3000+ mails are about just this matter.

Engineers retired or left?

Why is a cheaper Uniden working better than its European relative?

No care taken? Cheap Prices Paid? Vietnam has no Quality? What is it?

We ask but don’t really expect answers, but they’ll see that what was once upon a time a few voices is now a landslide of voices. So, being blind to the views of people cannot last forever.

It’s even appearing on search terms on the blog on a daily basis. “Why does my new radio receive so much noise” it’s in the Top10 searched terms.

New Radios: We are waiting the permission to release a a new radio here. And it is AM/FM only but a beauty that will sell faster than pumpkins at Halloween. Also a new SSB appears to be on the horizon and will maybe get first information to release in November.

So stay reading, things are happening. Slowly but surely things happen. We are lucky as many manufacturers read this blog now. So, as so and I mean so many people ask me about white noise on Grants then there is time to ask why.

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One thought on “November Peak! Time Has Come..

  1. things will have to change old are like better, and new is so so not better. but uniden was all ways great for ssb and am while the cybernet was very good for fm. As every radio now is made at a price, I have seen when new uniden in a area is really bad for noise and the lad put his old uniden set on and no noise and getting out better. the good old days unden with noise rejection in a new uniden radio . It will happen one day but when?


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