DX Challenge: Sunker Fourth. €22 / £16 Delivered. On Air Soon in Hungary

So finally it has happened. Now it’s so hard to buy something from outside your own land here in EU with the start of the new 2012/09/EU law so I resorted to eBay and Poland to finally secure the “Fourth Antenna”

Had one antenna before (Chinese Made ML145) and worked super fine and when the postage is £2.00 then come on! Got to give it a go. It’s not the original President Florida but for around £16 delivered (€22) then it is the antenna for the challenge here “how far can speak with small antenna” But when I’m somewhere away then the real one will be bought and take part in the challenge.

The sellers information is:

Excellent single-section magnetic antenna designed foremost for cars and vans. Characterized by very good technical parameters – a very large extent, minimal amount of interference and a high quality, strong magnetic base keeping the antenna firmly in place even at high speeds. 


Super strong – 50W max. power output

Excellent 2dBi gain

Long, reinforced cable

Strong magnet assures the antenna stays in place

Warranty: 24 months


Gain: 2dBi

Frequency: 26 – 28 mHz

V.S.W.R: >1.1

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Length: 42cm

Polarity: vertical

Magnet diameter: 90mm

The original Florida Export is not sold here, EU laws prevent easily obtaining and the biscuit tin challenge has to continue with an antenna, so this is the antenna I guess. Who knows how long it takes to arrive, same seller a my ML145 so we will see, watch and wait for the next antenna on a biscuit tin challenge.

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