“Back To The Future” Uniden World Exclusive News for 2016

Seems to good to be true so we have to wait and see. Uniden will head back to China, a facility in Shenzen will be introduced during the next 6 months. The facility will be located close to the Tangwei Village which was opened originally in 1993

There has been much talk about Uniden in Vietnam, I’ve learned some news months back but really thought that the situation had stabilised but appears it is actually not the case.


Local Issues

Component Importation

This can be the best news for the radio community. The last Chinese Lincoln1 was the best of the lot with the nicest output transistor. Expect more news when it becomes more available. I thought that another Chinese facility was going to make some radios, seems this is now also old and nothing correct at this time.

Let us look forward to seeing Made in PRC again, and not Made In Vietnam.

This has got really to be good news… Or not…

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6 thoughts on ““Back To The Future” Uniden World Exclusive News for 2016

  1. Hi Simon
    depends on the design engineer’s employed,QA dept,test dept and quality of work and components fitted that will have an overall effect.The problem is cb radio is not what I consider to be commercial grade quality anymore,its more domestic lower end.
    The iphone is built to a better standard and higher quality controls,and a bigger mass market.

    If hobby user’s want commercial grade business band\public service spec’s of the likes of moto,kenwood,vertex etc radios for the cb market,then
    1.You need a market to justify production.
    2.Be willing to pay double the price to get a dam good performance and quality.

    I for one would def pay for a commercial grade cb radio that meets public safety standards\mil 810 specs and performance and be iso9001 quality checked and as tough as a moto,kenwood,Icom or vertex commercial grade radio but would other user be willing or want it at a higher price?
    Would be nice too see President raise the bar,the Ranndy II (even thou not President) shows you can get pretty close to commercial grade in build quality\performance in a cb radio,let hope they can apply that to the mobile range of cb’s in future versions.
    Im sure they can do it,but there needs to be the demand,prehaps a email to them?


  2. Yes, but you are talking to someone whose mobile phone is 7 years old, still on its first battery and still holds a charge.

    Some people may want to spend that money as a fashion statement, but I prefer to spend it on something that suits my needs, not what others think. I have yet to find a dedicated 11m set that doesn’t suffer terribly from PLT and other household interference, even though my antenna is 180ft away at the bottom of the garden. Whereas my Yaesu, picks up no interference whatsoever, because it has decent filters.

    I don’t object to paying good money for something that works. I object to paying good money for second rate equipment that is not up to the job and has to go through several revisions. Manufacturers must be aware of PLT and do nothing to filter it out. I turned 50 this year, my days of sitting up on a hill in the car are gone. I like the desk, nice comfy executive chair, laptop in front of me. Beer or coffee on hand, toilet a few feet away and central heating on. I use the Yaesu to listen to, but do not transmit on it, I have a DR135UK for that (sold off all my other rigs), but can’t use it due to the interference. President have ruined their brand and I don’t think they will ever pull it back, they are managing decline.How long before it becomes a brand in name only, owned by the Chinese, made cheaply, still asking a high price and all the back room operations are moved to India.


    • President have ruined their brand and I don’t think they will ever pull it back, they are managing decline.How long before it becomes a brand in name only, owned by the Chinese, made cheaply, still asking a high price and all the back room operations are moved to India.

      Remember UK is a small small market and so although important it isn’t the world. They sell worldwide.

      It’s family owned so won’t be Chinese bought. There is a family behind the brand, when one retires I guess another family member will take the reigns? But Mr President IS President! And I know just 3 people alive who could take it onwards (my opinion) And of these 1 is retired, 1 is a radio guy and 1 could do it but the brand would be changed too much so guess a non starter

      Engineers get older, people retire and stuff changes. Life moves forward doesn’t stand still.

      I’d change things so they are more social media savvy. Internet will never vanish, meaning it’s something I think they need and Uniden need going forwards. Lincoln2 won’t be repeated. Grant II can be changed, it’s in scheme of things just a CB.

      How will they be at 40 years in business? Time will tell of course.
      I think they need change in many areas, but they’ve out lived many competitors so we all need agree they’ve done stuff right in a complex and difficult market place.

      Listen to customers, check real world experiences, Internet…


  3. How about, made in Japan, Britain, Germany or USA why China? They are charging Western produced prices for third world built kit. Sure, if they make it in China, then £100, if £250 then they can afford to produce it with a quality skilled labour force who are paid decent wages.


    • The prices in China are now not as cheap as you’d expect. Some of the factories now charge more to make equipment. It is far away from a Western made price but the costs are more now.

      $239 to make iPhone sells for $849 and not many complain and they sell many millions..


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