Friday & Saturday 40LR/0 Liechtenstein

Take a listen tomorrow and a not so often country will be on the air. Furstentum Liechtenstein, signals will ring from this small alpine state and the call will be 40 LR/0 so take a listen around the 27mhz and try to catch them from there.  

I’m happy to announce that I’m a sponsor of this event and wish the team the greatest of success and hope that the propagation gods will be on there side. Listen for Dino, Gianpy and Sergio on the air. QSL is via 1LR001 Mr Dino with the standard contribution.

And In June

I will be active 40AT107 from the Principality. “For God, The Prince and the Fatherland” Around the time of the island festival so news nearer the time.

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