Bluetooth Super Small AM/FM Radio *Now Updated *

Imagine an Albrecht AE-6110 slightly re-designed and comes with a standard Kenwood 3.5mm / 2.5mm socket on the front that will allow Bluetooth connection for wire free communications. There is a radio like this being developed at the moment, and end user price will be around €69-€79 so priced for all.

The news at the moment is that the radio is not made, it’s in early prototype and comes with the following:

Multi EU Norms

Export Mode: 25.6 upwards

High Power Mode

ASQ, Scan and has a fitted microphone on the front (end version can be detachable maybe)

Bluetooth Compatible and nice priced. Small size, similar to the AE6110 and CRT One etc

Check here: Matthijs has a photo of a radio, not the same as the one I’ve seen but similar in some ways and note this has also the socket for Bluetooth connection to the radio.

2016 Seems will be when Bluetooth comes to town and more and more radios accept it.

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