President Grant II Premium Vs Pressie Grant 1 Classic FD

A nice video below and on my side I will put my head out from the sand and say the Grant II sounds better in my ears, but it’s only by a small amount. Both radios are modified so nothing stock but the sound is so much better on the Premium than I’ve heard anywhere. But it’s a HF-Doktor Radio..

We have to remember there can be a DSP switched on (I don’t know this or not) but I like the sound and as I found this video on the inter webs I thought was a good idea to put it up here for people to see 

I think must be now a €400+ Grant II Premium with all modifications but sounds much better

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  1. One costs you about £80 on ebay for a clean set and one costs you over £200 in the UK, plus the cost of sending it for DSP mod. The mod postage cost has to be at least £20 each way, and then no less than £60 to do the mod.

    So, £80 with a nice analogue meter, or £300 quid for the other. It is not a difficult decision.


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