President Johnny USA 12/24v

The attack on the USA market has started and the first radio to be released will be the Johnny USA available in 12/24v and different backlight colours. Safe strategy to go AM first. So it has started the old new company returns to the USA to kick some other brands in the ass. Or will they…

The pricing details are not known by me, I was searching around the web and found it online. Nothing radical a simple key and use radio, safe pair of hands and I guess will be well priced as will need to be till the market has again got used to President selling and being based back in the USA. And can’t release any SSB as the moment as the noise issues for some (not all) would make it a non starter I guess.

Uniden and AM, like Turkey and Thanks Giving. Goes hand in hand 

– 40 channels AM 

– Channel rotary switch

Weather Alert

– Volume adjustment and ON/OFF

– Manual squelch and ASC (Automatic Squelch Control)

– Multi-functions LCD display

– S-meter

– Vox function (Hands free)

– ANL filter and HI-CUT 

– RF Gain 

– Scan 

– Priority channel memory

– F function key

– Beep Function

– Roger Beep

– Key locking

– Front microphone plug

– External loudspeaker

– Murata Filter Inside (Excellent Excellent Idea)

So, must have passed FCC. Watch out for it I guess early 2016?

I will find one on Amazon or eBay and see how it is. Should be a real well working radio. But, we will see…

This is the EU version so not identical but gives some ideas as to what it looks like and what to expect on the scene.


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