Magnum S1 What’s Changed Against The Previously Produced MAXLOG 8800

News just landed here is that the Magnum S1 will come as the incarnation of 8.2 on the board side of things. How the software is that’s another matter but the news is after the break here what has been changed and although it seems to be quite small I guess in grand scheme of things it’s significant.

Some people didn’t like me calling it the Lincoln II and Alinco DR-135DX killer? Well bad luck it is the description that was given to me so I used it. Time and more time will tell whether it is new or the same old.

Like all companies, Magnum changed when the genius that was Sam “RF Limited” Lewis passed away. And now guess under the guidance of his son the company changes and makes a new way. Let us hope that Avera or some other forward thinking company will bring this to the EU. Guess we need to wait?

Bugfix Report / V08 / 8-digit display / processor firmware
**V08 / 2013**

PSU Voltage menu does not work

Shift + 10Khz only changes + 1Khz

**V08.1 / 2014**
Voltage indicator now works as expected

 Shift + 10Khz still + 1Khz (forgot to change)

**V08.2 / 2015** (Magnum Brand) fixed everything (current information)
That’s the above news! Now we really must wait and see what actually comes and how it does behave in the real world and not in the world of the man in the white coats.

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