Why Choose A President In The USA.. This is what they say about themselves.

Responding to an email received about the Johnny III USA I was asked Why? When there are so many radios on the market and what makes this special. Other than Uniden made I will answer with what is on the website of the USA arm of President Frank and hope that if/when you get a radio let us know how it works.


Because PRESIDENT invented the Automatic Squelch Control in April 1996…
Always copied. Never equaled!

Because PRESIDENT uses top quality technology from the 21st century…

Necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction!

Because PRESIDENT does not use technology and components from the late 20th century…

Are you still using your old mobile phone from 1990…? 

Because PRESIDENT units have a much higher sensitivity and selectivity…

For a superior range!
Because PRESIDENT units always have maximum output power…
For a constant, maximum legal output power!
Because PRESIDENT units use top class murata filters…
For the best selectivity and less interference!

Because PRESIDENT gives the longest and the best warranty on any unit…

For your peace of mind!
Because PRESIDENT units are prepared for the 24 volt future revolution in trucks and cars…
Very soon 12v will be replaced by 24v!
Because PRESIDENT microphones are totally lightweight for ease of use and durability
Heavy microphones with unnecessary weight inside make them more fragile!
That’s what they say about themselves. I can’t comment as a customer as not used a Johnny III USA just the EU version and it worked really well.

“Very soon 12v will be replaced by 24v” Not sure how many people who use radios at home would agree but it’s USA specific maybe? Unless 12v radios will still be made..

2016 comes quickly and then we will all see what happens…..

This already upset someone who messaged me.

Read Carefully: I cannot say how well the new radio works as it don’t exist, it’s not for sale, nobody has it! I don’t endorse this radio as it isn’t for sale and nobody has seen it let alone tested it.

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3 thoughts on “Why Choose A President In The USA.. This is what they say about themselves.

    • But..

      Harry, Harry II and Harry III Got better
      Johnny, Johnny II and Johnny III Got better
      Henry & 12/24v Got better
      Jackson & Jackson II Classic Got better
      Taylor, Taylor III and Taylor III Got better

      Some you win, some you loose. Not all releases were bad. That’s sure, they did develop radios well. SSB. Hm, I think the damage is done now well and truly but remember President is always silent so won’t comment, answer or acknowledge but maybe in the background are working


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