Albrecht AE-5800 V President Grant II Premium Side By Side Video

So this is a side by side from a 79 euro plus shipping ebay Albrecht and a 280+ euro delivered Grant II Premium. PLEASE note I have added S1 of noise due to work outside when this was recorded.



So first off, there was noise outside when this was recorded so I have allowed S1 of noise in the video as when the work had ended the noise level on the 5800 dropped to around S1/2 and on the Grant II it dropped to between S5/6 on all modes on both radios across the spectrum.

Why waste time videoing this? Will be the last till other users send there videos in. Not all users use the radio in cars and trucks like some believe and indeed some use at home. I use in the car and in the house. Car used a Lincoln V3 and was very happy and at home usually a President of some form. Now at the end of 2015 the times are changing. AM/FM President I can use at home, low noise levels but SSB there is no chance at all. Qixiang SSB radios also have moderate noise on SSB too S1/3 so not great just acceptable. Grant II and Premium S5/7 dependent on the version, and this video is of the latest Premium I have and with this noise level it is lower than the first one I have.

Radio times are changing. But makers don’t change. When they sell units they don’t have the need to change, as change costs money and nobody wants to spend money. However what is good, users use and users see and from these videos and from forums online they can decide where to spend there cash.

President and Uniden watch the blog and some watch youtube videos. I suggest carry on watching them. No need now make changes, damage is done. Shocking that Uniden cannot make an SSB radio anymore. Never thought I would see the day they are so lost and seem out of touch with customers, out of touch with reality and out of touch with what users feel and see.

An old Albecht that receives better than a brand new out of the box Uniden. In the old days I would have choked with laughter at such a comment. But now seems times are a changing.


I was told 3/4 of users are car and truck where noise isn’t an issue

Some users really don’t get the noise at home

Bearcat 980 is the best CEPT SSB radio now on sale. Not official in EU but works the best. Videos, contacts show it

Uniden are 50 years old in November. Enough time to learn how to make radios. Maybe a good sign to go back to China. Maybe they need change top to bottom with people that know what they are doing? This the same company that designed Cobra, Lincoln, James, Superstar 360, Jackson, George, Bearcat. And now sit opened mouth it seems. No answers at all.

When things sell there is no need to change them

President and Uniden maybe are doing something in secret. They do it a lot

Every user can vote which radio they want with there wallets.

And most of all we are all simple users. We are not engineers with millions of euro of equipment stood in an office. They all know, no matter what company that they know the best. Users are just making troubles and being a nuisance. Engineers don’t use mostly, don’t have ideas of being a customer.

This is not a don’t buy video. I can be unique that I live where all noise I get. This is a video of what I hear, people ask me if I get noise too and no better way to show than to record.

Everyone has money, almost everyone has internet, all can decide what is and there wallet, situation, usage and location. The most important is enjoy the hobby. It dies slowly as some move to amateur, some pass away and some give-up. The good old days radios had issues too remember, nothing was and is faultless. We sometimes also forget this.

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