Over A Year Now In Use President Himalaya. Throwback Thursday 

As it’s Thursday we thought we’d throwback the antenna in question above and how we have got on with it and how it behaves and performs. So this is what has happened during the time on air with the Himalaya Antenna.

Space is tight here so we never attached the ground-planes so basically ran it as an Antron 99 idea in the air. Adjusted the tuning rings a little lower down so the antenna is more resonant on 26mhz where many friends sit and works till around 28.1 so that’s high enough also. We’ve run the antenna with 200w maximum but mostly it’s left at 100w where it performs quite well.

Side by Side with an old 1990’s Antron 99 the Himalaya has less noise and static level which is important now. As we know some Antron and some IMAX really are and were effected by static and when rainstorms were coming.

The antenna is on a 4ft long steel water pipe attached to a fence post in the garden so not high at all in the air. It barely reaches above the roof level of the house.

Mariana Islands, Alaska, Cuba, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, USA, all around EU, Kuwait, Iraq and in total some 113 countries on SSB and on FM diverse as Khirghiz, Russia, all around EU. So works well. Sure conditions of course play the major part, but the antenna works well for me. Tested it against many antennas, IMAX I cannot use as too bad a location for wind near the airport, Gainmaster worked as well as the Himalaya but the wind was the factor it was taken down, metal 1/2 & 5/8 used, in fact used many antennas and at the moment still to the Himalaya above the Antron due it seems to have better ears for listening and less static noise.

It’s lost some paint but not performance, it’s EU made so always a good thing and it provides some good communications. Expensive yes it is, ground planes not used but as the Himalaya that was once the Black Pirate I can say Botswana, Falkland Islands, St.Helena were all worked in late 1990s when it was a Pirate and not a Himalaya. President are known for the radios, but sometimes check the antennas. These are working really quite well, long warranty, Europe made, Europe people to speak too when something goes wrong.

Above photo not my antenna.

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