“The Shack” Modifies Grant II For less White Noise

Latest news from “The Shack” is that a customer sent a radio and requested the modification that was on the Steve The Wizzard page which I guess came from Petteri in Finland, and the job seems to have worked and this is what was noted.

So if your in the UK and want a radio that you can use then try and get hold of “The Shack” 


Photos are from Facebook “The Shack”

And what was noted ” As far as I can see from the modifications all it’s doing is desensitising the front endbut it seems to do the job ”

So the noise level maybe can be resolved.. Maybe not “factory authorised” but it allows you to use the radio and that’s the important news after spending lots of money in the first instance. So UK people contact the shack as he’s hot a solution for you now, easy to post UK to UK. Congratulations to him on making the mods and Petteri who initially supplied them.

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2 thoughts on ““The Shack” Modifies Grant II For less White Noise

  1. Just to let you know that’s my radio ,James has done the work on, maybe the first in the Uk?, I will let you know how I get on with it. Graham

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    • Yes sir! First that I know if indeed Graham and interested any video or any news from you. I’ve 4 here sat keeping doors and windows open so they could go there after New Year. If you’ve got news let us know.

      73 S.


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