Sale Items At Thunderpole

Not sure if these are in the “Black Friday”‘category or are radios on sale at the moment but we’ll feature them here so you can take a look and see what so on offer at the moment at a few dealers in the UK. There are some usual suspects listed and some others with not so bad prices.

First off is the I believe “Not Premium” version of the Grant II which has dropped to £199.99 and you can find the link for that one here:

K-PO DX-5000 the ever so popular version of the AT-5555 drops to £169.99 and this is the V6 of the radio and the link to it is here:

All photos used here are (c) Thunderpole from there website. And next a link to the page where you can see other offers online:

Thanks go to DrAwesome who sent me the link late last night.

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2 thoughts on “Sale Items At Thunderpole

    • Yes there are real no bargains anywhere except the excellent deal on power supplies at Nevada.

      Grant II Older version, people wanting to dispose of it in place of the new stock.

      KPO is Expensive, Radiozing is cheaper AT-5555 v6 £117.99 which is the same but different name mostly.

      Nothing too special this time on the radio side of bargains it seems..


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