Midland GB1 PMR What Do We Know So Far (Release) 31-11-15

So far and with the radio not released till the end of the month and the software later (Thanks Markus for news) a little look around the web and you can find the radio is based most likely on the Nanfone UC708 UHF CB radio that has been sold in Ausstralia now for some time.

The question is did they re-work from the ground up or simply re program the radio and lock it for the 8 channels PMR. According to information the maximum on the radio is 450-520Mhz and 5w being the st full 100% power output. Questions will remain till we see the radio on the market as to what and if it can do something but I think that the 99 on the display is a good help for us. Maybe means maximum channels of 99 or memories?

We featured this radio back in August 2015 and told would be in Europe soon and it comes! So it’s good to see that the information we learned from the supply chain was indeed correct. Wait for the long sway of videos soon and indeed this could be the start of the European UHF CB Band… We can only hope so….

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