Eter Bez Hranice 2016 (Talk Without Borders 2016)

 The annual Czech and Slovak CB Event Eter Bez Hranice is now open for people in the countries to join the event for the weekend of the 14-15 May 2016 when the great and the good of the CB men and women head to the mountains and call as far as they can to make contact with those on other mountains in both of the countries.
It is indeed a good and fun event, of course language can be a barrier for those calling from outside of the two countries but there have been contacts during the last years to the UK, Netherlands and some other countries on the 27Mhz CB band.

The event is open to all, the band plan is 26965-27405 and with the legal power limit of 4w being used.

It is part of the memorial for Czech CB man “Milan42” who was the publisher of the CB magazine of the Czech Republic. And indeed I myself played a small part here with the occasional writing and mention.


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