Voyage BR-9200 Video With Modifications

A link sent to me this morning with a video of the Voyage 9200 which is the MAXLOG 8800 in its previous carnation and now released also as the Magnum1. As you see from the video it shows a huge amount of work done on the inside of this radio. Question needs to be asked is all this work needed to make it work ok? Or does it really improve the radio enough.

As we can see sure the power has been altered, fans fitted, I think s- meter jitter taken away and the rest is a mystery to me but am sure some of the readers will have the answers and will write

At around 9 minutes and 3 seconds I’ve got to say the radio sounds in my ears not the best at all. But when over ends the noise level is away to almost nothing so that’s better than some other radios.

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