Statii Radio CB Craiova President Teddy ASC “Murata” Is On Sale in Romania

So the first off the block. Not even the lovely wizard knew about this one. Seems President are true to there word and the photo is out there of a Teddy ASC with “Murata Inside” Can’t shout Markus 1 please since the new regulations but anyone got one then tell me how it is working and if you’ve a video then send it to me so others can see it working

So the first of the new range are out there. President promised to bring radios with Murata and could this be the first off the block. And to replace all my old radios with Murata Inside. Oh boy, need to do the lottery this week and not forget.

Looks like a sticker on the box, but has to be real? I guess. And is this one a Chinese or Vietnam one?


If you need one, the store is near Hotel Rexton in Craiova Romania

And this via Facebook:

Vorbeste lumea de noi si nu oricine ci unul dintre cei mai importanti specialisti din domeniul radio ! Multumim !

My pleasure, thanks for such nice words.


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